Monday, 14 May 2012

Weiss Schwarz Yuki Nagato Deck Review

Hi guys, I'm one of the dark lords residing in this region, SealedTime here. Today, I'll be publishing a review on one of my most favourite decks in Weiss Schwarz, from the series "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi", Yuki Nagato. First off, let's start with a disclaimer:

Do note that this review is purely and solely my opinion on this game. Weiss Schwarz is a trademark of bushiroad and I do not claim any credit for it. Any similarity in content is purely coincidental and should not be taken as plagarism. However, if any of the content here is found to be breached in terms of it's copyright, you are liable to the same penalty as those who are detected for plagarism and you shall be reported to the relevant personnel in charge.

With the stupid stuff aside, let's go on to the review proper~

Firstly, I would like to give a simple and brief introduction to this deck. This deck runs on a high no. of Level 3s mainly because of how this deck is structured, leveraging on Nagato's ability to deal intense field pressure at Level 2 with Level 3s, and this deck also is a healer by nature, which to me, is not the main point of this deck. Sure, some people might argue that the heal is broken and stuff, but to me, Nagato excels in the dominance of early levels.

Firstly, let's start with standard Nagato Level 0s

[Passive] All your other <Alien> characters gain Power+ 500
[Startup] [ 2, Tap this Card] Search your Deck for a character with the trait <Alien>, show it to your opponent, and add it into your hand. Shuffle your deck.

Arguably the most important card in the entire deck. This card is definitely worthy of it's RR title due to the incredible utility of this card. As a support card, unlike recent support cards which only boost characters in the front, this card offers a universal 500 power for all <Aliens> on the field, the only downside being that only <Aliens> gain the power boost, but it's good enough. However, this card truly shines at it's second effect. The 2 cost of for searching your deck for any Nagato card is amazing. Not only are you thinning your deck by one and searching our cards that are necessary to prepare you for your later levels, this card is also good as a means to burn out stock which you might have climaxes that you have recently triggered inside. This card also solves one of the basic problems of the deck, Handsize. It's a very good utility card and one of the most sought after cards in making a Nagato deck. It's now unfortunately out of stock, I happen to have 4 copies of it so yeah.

Nagato tends to play a rather defensive style for her earlier levels, so let's go on with this mindset to one of her core utility Level 0s.

[Passive] During your opponent's turn, this card gains power +2000
[Auto] Encore (Drop one character card from your hand) When this card is being sent to the Waiting Room, you may pay the cost. If paid, put this card to rest.

A very very strong card at Level 0. Her base power is tremendous at Level 0, so much so that one can boast that she is one of the strongest cards at Level 0. Besides being a Drop Encore character. this card manages to built up and fortify a strong early defence game for the player, having the ability to pressure opponents into using climaxes just to overpower her or just continuing siding her, which in both ways, act towards your favour.

[Passive] When you have 4 or more <Alien> characters, this card gains Level -1 in your hand.
[Auto] When this card attacks and the climax "The Remaining 2 weeks of Summer" is in your climax zone, you may put the top card of your clock into your Waiting Room. For this turn, this card gains Power + 3000.

Arguably one of the strongest cards in this entire deck. With her ability to lose a Level at Level 2, when one runs this card, one can ignore the boundaries and no. set aside in Level 2 and Level 3s when building this deck. This card becomes a force to be reckoned with as with appropriate supports and the climax being a 1000/1 soul climax, this card power is approximately 15000 with the added benefit of healing. Not only does this card exert tremendous field pressure in the game, it also becomes a healing machine and makes good use of the climax.

[Auto] (1) When this card is put from your hand to your field, you may pay the cost. If you do so, this card gains the following ability for this turn [Auto] When this card puts one of your opponent's character into [Reverse], you may put the top card of your clock into your Waiting Room.
[Auto] When this card is placed from your hand to your bench, target all of your opponent's characters and send them to the Memory zone. If you do so, you may then choose each character and place them onto your opponent's field in any order.

One of the gamebreaking cards of the game. Not allow does this card allow you to rearrange your opponent's field, this card also allows for healing when you down your opponent's character, which is fairly easy and doable when you send his supports flying towards you as you kill em all off. If you have noticed, as of recent, WS relies a lot on supports and this card is the exact counter to kill off annoying supports, such as those from the series Bakemonogatari.

It is not my style to spoonfood people with my decklists, so I'll end this post here with the introduction of the core cards of a Nagato deck. While my playstyle and deck list has been modded to a WGP Level, with all the new cards coming in, this deck finds it hard to fend off against each new wave of series coming in, though it does have super anti meta properties. I have actually left out a lot of the most useful Nagato cards in the deck, as I said, I do not encourage mere copy pasting. I have already identified one of the weaknesses as lack of handsize, so for the potential Nagato builders, you may want to look into your deck and see how you might resolve this issue. Everyone plays a different style of every deck, I hope this review has certainly been helpful in giving you insights to this deck. This is SealedTime, signing off.